Who Should Work with Us?

Businesses that have plateaued or declined and need help identifying growth opportunities

I worked with a manufacturer who had lost significant business during the great recession. Our business consultants were able to regrow the business by 45% in a year and a half. Our business coach accomplished this by:

  • Reacquiring lost customers
  • Creating a new compensation plan for the sales team
  • Rebranding the business to a make it timely and relevant
  • Investing in new technology to increase profit margins

Business owners who need a business plan for a startup or new product offering

I advised a business owner who had become the North American distributor for a line of very high-quality 3D scanners and didn’t know if he had a stand-alone business or a product line to supplement his existing business. Our business coach was able to accomplish the following:

  • Identified three vertical markets and determined which would be most viable for the business
  • Performed market analysis to estimate sales potential for each vertical market
  • Determined that the products would best be positioned as a product line under the existing business
  • Trained one of their sales reps to perform business development and marketing for the new product line

Visionary business owners who need help staying on track with a plan

Took on role as implementer for a business owner who was overwhelming his team with new idea after new idea and continuously taking the business in a new direction. Implemented a business management system with a clear vision and strategy and created quarterly goals and benchmarks. We accomplished the following:

  • Established weekly executive and team meetings to evaluate progress, discuss and resolve issues and stay on track
  • Conducted quarterly executive offsite meetings to review progress and establish ideas for next quarter and year
  • Increased sales and profit margin
  • Positioned the business to be purchased by a larger competitor

Any business owner who feels like something is broken with respect to people, process or profit but needs help pinpointing the problem and designing a solution. (or needs help figuring it out and making a plan to fix it.)


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