Mike Wolfgang


Mike is a business leadership consultant in Irvine, CA, who leverages his background as an executive leader, with president / COO / general manager experience, to help clients lead and grow complex sales, operations, and manufacturing organizations. With his expertise and experience, Mike assists businesses in building upon their strengths by overcoming obstacles.

Mike is known as a positive thinker and optimist–and for his strong abilities in leadership, coaching, and mentorship. He trusts those who he works with to tell him what they need so that he can eliminate obstacles to their success. In fact, his former employees and he remain connected to this day, as they believed in his strengths and capabilities, not to mention his honesty and integrity as a leader and business expert.

Of course, much of his leadership experience comes from his time in the U.S. Marine Corps, to which he devoted ten years. Notably, during that time, his peers selected him for the honor and responsibility to serve as a Marine One crew chief and fly President Clinton all over the world.


Nancy Chetron

Strategic Marketing Consultant

Nancy is an accomplished marketing professional with 15+ years at Xerox within a small entrepreneurial division as well as larger mainline divisions. Her current projects include directing all online and offline marketing and promotions for Advancing Women in Technology, a non-profit that raises funds to help undergraduate women entering the field of technology. Nancy has worked in a variety of roles including product marketing, content management, strategy, and integrated marketing.



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